Oh Hey, I’m a Digital Publicist.

Like most new-grads, when I left college a few months ago I thought I would be stuck working a post-internship position wherever I could. To my surprise, I was able to begin working right away as a Digital Publicist at a boutique PR firm.

Then USC senior with anticipation for graduation 13′.

The position of Digital Publicist is still a fairly new concept; but in a world where most things are done digitally (online), aren’t most publicists, in a way, digital publicists? I quickly learned that was not the case.

I instantly recognized that in addition to being the only person to know how to speak Spanish, I was the only person that spoke the language of digital communication, a.k.a social media.

Just about the only benefit many newly-graduated PR students like myself have over most seasoned PR practitioners is the ability to speak this unprecedented language, and I for one am glad.

According to an article on Mashable.com, being able to strategically use the many social platforms available on the world wide web is in fact a gift due to its, “use of the nature of the work involved and skills required.”

I couldn’t agree more. Wielding the powers of social media requires an organized mind, a careful eye, and the ability to identify and take advantage of consumer trends.

Many companies think of “Twittering,” “Facebooking,” “Instagramming,” and so on, as just mindless pastimes. However, when used strategically, social media can be a powerful tool to deliver key messages to audiences who actually choose to follow your business, making them more likely to buy your product/service.

I may be young in the PR-game, but my ability to sense trends in uncanny (a key trait of a social media pro). Although certain aspects of PR haven’t changed, the avenues in which people communicate through have. This shift in communication calls for new PR protocols and new PR-related careers, leaving me ready to connect with others who understand both PR and social media–Digital Publicists.                    Follow me on my networks!   @susieplascencia

My first day of work at LUCID PR.

My first day of work at LUCID PR.


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