Steps for Executing an Instagram Contest or Giveaway

According to recent Instagram Statistics via Growing Social Media, “Instagram is most popular with people aged between 18 and 29,” and most of these users are giving roughly 8,500 ‘likes’ per second.

This data may just seem like a fun-fact for a social media nerd like me, but if you’re a brand whose target demographic is between the ages of 18 and 29, these statistics can mean that Instagram is an ideal place to host a promotional contest or giveaway.

I recently handled the social media of a popular music and art festival in Los Angeles, where I executed an Instagram Contest with a grand prize of two tickets to the festival.

I found that a contest or giveaway via Instagram can help your account:
1. Gain Followers
2. Populate a chosen hashtag
3. Get your audience excited for an event or product
4. And of course, spread brand awareness

Here are some steps and tips for executing your very own Instagram contest or giveaway.

Apps you will need: Instagram, InstaCollage

Hypothetical Situation (Not a Real Contest or Affiliated with Nike Infrared in Anyway):
Say your company is Nike, and you’re attempting to gain followers and get people excited for the release of the Nike Infrareds.
photo (5)1. Choose a hashtag for your contest

2. Make your Instagram picture
– Find a visually-attractive photo of the item you’re giving away

– Open InstaCollage App and choose the photo

– Apply contest instructions in empty area of photo using the
“text option”


“1) Repost this pic
2) Tag @NikeInfrared
3) Use hashtag #NikeGiveaway
Winner Must Be Following @NikeInfrared
www. NikeInfrared .com”

3. Promote on Twitter and Facebook for at least one week before the contest
– Ex: “Follow us on Instragram @NikeGiveaway for a chance to win a pair on
Thursday, September 5th 2013!”

4. Winner is to be chosen at random from within the #NikeGiveaway hashtag on

Find this post helpful? Have questions? Let me know on Twitter at @SusiePlascencia


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